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S.D. New York
On July 6, 2022, disclosed that an internal investigation, conducted by independent counsel, had uncovered “instances of noncompliance with state and federal laws concerning the state in which tickets are procured as well as order fulfillment.” In addition, the investigation revealed “issues about the Company’s internal accounting controls.” The report also disclosed that, in light of the findings of the independent investigation, on June 30, 2022, the Board terminated the Company’s President, Treasurer, and CFO Ryan Dickinson.
On this news,’s shares fell more than 12% to a closing price of $1.07 per share on July 6, 2022.
On July 15, 2022, in a Form 8-K filed with the SEC, announced that Chief Revenue Officer Matthew Clemenson had resigned. Moreover, the Company reported that, after a review of its cash balances, its revenue recognition policies and procedures, and other internal accounting controls, had: preliminarily concluded that it has overstated its available unrestricted cash balance by approximately $30 million and that, relatedly, in the prior fiscal year, it improperly recognized revenue in the same amount. The Company, in consultation with its outside advisors, is currently validating its preliminary conclusion, assessing any impact on previously issued financial reports, and has begun to institute appropriate remedial measures.
On this news, shares of fell more than 14.5% to a closing price of $0.82 per share on July 16, 2022.
The Company made a series of additional adverse disclosures before finally, on July 29, 2022, informing the market that it did not have “sufficient financial resources to fund its operations or pay certain existing obligations.” Moreover, because’s resources were not sufficient to fund its operations for twelve months, "the Company may be forced to wind down its operations or pursue the liquidation of the Company’s assets.
On this news, shares of plunged 64% to a close of $0.29 per share on July 29, 2022.
Alleged Offence
Misleading Statements
Financial Misrepresentation
Failure to Disclose
Breach of Fiduciary duty
Suspected Party
Service Provider
Security Type
Trade Direction
Shock Event Date
29 July 2022
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