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Gemeni EARN funds now locked Case

I sold our house in May 2022. Shortly after I put the tax money into Gemeni EARN because...why not? The Winkelvos twins were involved, postive on Twitter, and IRA companies even trusted them.
The event sin November were completely misleading. Gemeni users received an email stating our funds were safe. It was convincing and I din't make any move for withdrawl specifically because of this email and the Winkelvoss Twitter reassurances that they could be trusted.
I did not know EARN was not part of Gemeni. Not sure how when it was literally called GEMENI EARN. The funds were held on a 3rd party platform and now frozen. I owe the IRS this $30,000. They won't care it was, at this time, stolen by Gemeni. It took 14 years of building equity in our house to earn that money. This is fraudelent. Misleading. Irresponsible. and they should be held 100% to returning money they were entrusted with. Today, Dec 15, Gemeni sent out a new user agreement which also screams guilty. In it, they now claim if you sign in to the account you agree to their terms of not being able to file a class action suit and that you will do everything at the local level. ...AFTER they screwed up. This is big. They are responsible. I don't want tyler Winkelvoss and his brother to Tweet another update, I only want my money.
Alleged Offence
Misleading Statements
Financial Misrepresentation
Failure to Disclose
Breach of Fiduciary duty
Suspected Party
Investment Bank
Service Provider
Security Type
Crypto Asset
Trade Direction
Shock Event Date
16 November 2022
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