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Agro Blockchain (ARBK) Omissions Case

E.D. New York
Case number
On October 11, 2022, Argo Blockchain (ARBK) announced that “during the month of September, Argo mined 215 Bitcoin or Bitcoin Equivalents (together, BTC) compared to 235 BTC in August 2022. The decrease in BTC mined is primarily due to a 12% increase in average network difficulty during September. Additionally, the Company is continuing to curtail operations at its Helios facility in Dickens County, Texas during periods of high electricity prices.”

Argo's stock price dropped 10.9% following the release of the operational update. This decrease was likely due to the lower-than-expected mining numbers, which may have been seen as a negative indicator of the company's future performance.

The Company announced several strategic actions in an October 7, 2022 press release aimed at bringing in additional capital to the business and ensuring that the company has the working capital to execute its current strategy and meet its obligations over the next 12 months. The actions included reducing costs, preserving capital, amending existing equipment financing agreements, selling 3,400 mining machines for £6 million, and raising approximately £24 million via a proposed subscription with a strategic investor.

Despite these efforts to secure additional funding, the announcement caused Argo's ADS price to fall 23.26%. This decrease may have been due to market uncertainty or skepticism about the company's ability to successfully execute its announced plans and secure the necessary funding.

Argo conducted its initial public offering (IPO) on September 22, 2021. During the IPO, the company sold 7.5 million ADSs at a price of $15.00. This marked the company's debut on the public markets, allowing it to raise capital from a wider pool of investors.

Now, taking all representations and results into account, Investors have reasons to suspect that Company and its Leaders misled them in IPO registration documents.
Case Status
Attorney Investigation
Alleged Offence
Misleading Statements
Financial Misrepresentation
Failure to Disclose
Suspected Party
Investment Bank
Service Provider
Research Entity
Security Type
Trade Direction
Shock Event Date
10 October 2022
Filing date
26 January 2023
Hon. Nina R. Morrison
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