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Carlyle Group (CG) Invesor Losses Story

I acquired a large investment in the Carlyle Group starting November 2021 because I deleveraged my portfolio by taking profits and wanted to put cash to work so I went long in this company because it seemed like a great growth opportunity and the stock price was undervalued compared to others in the same sector. & the margin of safety seemed pretty good and safe. & management seemed trustworthy in the earnings calls and their confidence with the market capitalization of the company and earnings, I thought this would be a safe investment with the economic conditions at the time.

Long story short after I acquired a large position in a few days the stock started falling from there. The stock some days would drop so much that I would be forced to liquidate a lot of my holdings & cause losses. This went on for months.

Then the CEO stepped down Aug 2022 and the stock crashed even further. Compared to the sector ex: KKR, Goldman, BlackRock, Blackstone, etc, this company stock would drop so unusually for months, and on some earnings days it would drop so much I would have to reconsider if it is being manipulated.

This caused me to lose over $333000 from Nov 2021 to Dec 2022 after I sold my last shares the stock prices have risen. I remained calm throughout the years but it was very stressful. I found this website on stocktwits today and decided to share my story. Thanks for reading
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Attorney Investigation
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Misleading Statements
Price manipulation
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07 August 2022
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