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How our Platform helps you recover your losses?
You Join an existing Case or Initiate a new Case that matches your circumstances.
You can Join one of existing Cases based on suspected corporate violations if you find that it matches your circumstances.
You can easily Initiate your own Case describing suspected violations by filling out a simple step-by-step form.
Attorney chosen by investors will proceed with investigation and take the case to the court.
Professional Attorney chosen by the vote of investors will perform full cycle of legal work, including collecting the necessary documents, filing a lawsuit, representing investors in court and acting in their best interests, and providing final settlement instructions. All along, the Attorney will provide timely updates on the progress of legal proceedings on our Platform.
You will get settlement instructions in case of success and receive your share of the recovered funds.
As a result of legal proceedings, Attorney will notify you of court resolution and/or settlement. In case of success, you will be instructed on how to proceed with receiving the approved compensation. According to statistics over the last 10 years, 50% of federal securities class actions cases resulted in settlements.